register a domain name in Australia

How to register a domain name in Australia

Having a gorgeous website with all the latest features, from parallax scroll to videos, is an success in and of itself. But this time, it’s just not sufficient. In order to stand up from the rabble and get an advantage over your opposition, you must to furnish your website a professional frame. How? One method is by invested in a domain name. It’s a little footstep, yet can create a big variation in establish your brand name as an authority in your pitch and acquisition more exposure. Here’s the whole thing you must to know about how to register a domain for your business.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is basically the address through which people can find your website online. It’s exclusive to your site, means that if your brand or domain name happens to be, there won’t be any other websites with the exacted same name. A domain name consists of the Second Level Domain, which is the name of your brand “for example site123”, plus the Top Level Domain, also famous as the extension “for example “.com”.
The extension is the last part of your domain name. Browsing about the Google, you’ll have marked diverse type of extensions. The generally common is “.com” if you are in USA, but there are several others, like “.net,” “.info” and “.org.” as well as you can also pick a local extension that provides your audience a hint as to where your business is placed, for example “.au” for companies based in Australia or “.NZ” for New Zealand and more.

How vital is your domain name?

  • Make the greatest first impression. In this digital era, your site will often be the leading time a possible customer is wide-open to your business. A bespoke website domain name will support your audience observe you as a expert in your pitch. You will look more trustworthy, reliable and respected.
  • Build a rock-solid brand. Just similar your marketing tools, such as your website logo and social media plans, treat your domain as a branding chance. You website domain name can support and boost your brand gratitude if it’s attractive, outstanding and in tune with the rest of your company’s possessions.
  • Develop your brand’s SEO potential. While it’s not a straight ranking factor, a great brand name can definitely affect your website’s SEO. Whether you go for a branded name or one that comprises a business keyword, picking a special and outstanding domain name is the exact way to go.

How to register your brand/ domain name

Satisfy? Let’s go! The procedure of registering your domain is simpler than you may suppose. Here’s how:

1. Choose your domain name

There are so many factors to take into consideration when searching the perfect domain name for your website. First of all, you’ll want a name that describes your brand personality, remaining allied with the character of your website design, images, logo and other assets. Stick to a brand name that is short and memorable, so that people will be capable to memorize it simply, as well as type it straight into their device browser’s address bar.
To boost your SEO marketing efforts, your domain can include a keyword that is related with your business or brand. For example, a photographer can opt for their name plus the phrase “photography,” or a bakery called tasty might go for “”
Once you are ready, make a shortlist of likely names. You’ll want some options, as it’s probable that several of them will previously be taken by other website owners.

Now you have whole information how to choose a domain name.

2. Check the availability of your domain name

It’s now time to validate whether your best domain name option is presented for you to use. There are several tools out there, for example this “good domain search”. It enables you to attempt out a limitless quantity of options for free. If your required domain name is unavailable, it will come up with further facts so you can play around with alternative until you discover the great one.

One more good idea for if your desire domain name is previously taken, so you can try out your domain name with different extensions, as well, you can add a main keyword to your domain name, or opt for an abbreviated version of your industry name.

As per previous example, if the bakery’s prefer name choice is taken, they could try switching their domain extension to a local one, or adding their store’s local location in the name itself. For example, “”.

3. Pick your registrar

Now that you have a perfect business domain name that you’re happy with and is presented for use, it’s time to select a certified registrar through which you’ll register your business domain. A registrar is a agency that does all the “paperwork procedure” for you, control the complete process of the reservation and guard of your brand name online.

There are a few domain registrars you can go for. We suggest, as it’s a web design and hosting service, as well as a registrar. This means that you can benefit from the best of equally worlds, using the goldenwebdesign to create a website and purchase a exclusive domain – all under one roof. Other registrars include, GoDaddy, and amongst others.

4. Register your domain

Here are the final steps for registering your domain name via GoDaddy:

  • Head over to GoDaddy’s domain name page.
  • Type in your prefer domain name and click ‘Search’.
  • If your desire name is presented – you’re in luck! Click ‘Get It’ to continue. If not, browse the further ideas that GoDaddy offers you, or type a further option into the search box. Once you’ve found a good domain name that you like and suits your business needs, click ‘Get It’.
  • Next, make a decision whether you’d like to register for 1, 2 or three years. A longer register period will assist you save money, so you may want to think that. Once you’ve choose, click ‘Continue’.
  • Add all the applicable information into the form and continue to check-out. That’s it – you’re finished!

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