Learn About Your Server

8 Steps to Reduce Page load Time and Speed Up your Website

  1. Run your site through website speed test tools

Online resources allow you to discover more about your web page speed and optimisation. These insights give useful information to understand what is presently happening on your website and how you can start formulate changes to improve your website.

Check out Our 2 Favorite website optimization performance sites:

  1. PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers – Get your PageSpeed score and use suggestions to construct your site faster through free tool.
  2. GT Metrix –is a free tool that analyses your website speed performance.

What to look at on your website speed performance report

Load Time: As a common rule, if your website loads in less than 3 seconds you’re excellent.

  1. Optimise your Images

PageSpeed Insights Golden Web Design
Well, one of the simplest ways to increase your page speed is to optimise your images by reducing their dimension. You can do this with Photoshop.

  1. Learn About Your Server

There’s 2 things you must know about your web server.

  1. Is it a shared or dedicated server?

If your website is big, maybe an shopping-cart or educational website that has a lot of resources and sees high-traffic & you are on shared website hosting this might effect your site load speed. You may require dedicated web hosting if that is the case.

  1. Where is it?

Do you know that the physical locality of your web server can reason slow load times? If your business is in Australia but your server is in the Canada it will take longer for your clients to see your website load.

  1. Turn on GZIP Compression

Once you’ve lower the file of your website images you can do even more by compress them.

  1. Reduce Redirects & Fix Broken Links

Broken (404) links take time to load, and so do redirect. In these cases this involves lots of server requests, which happening separately can slow-down web page speed. If changes to your site happen normally it’s essential to take the time to ensure all of your website links are active, and you are using as hardly any redirects as possible.

  1. Reduce Page Bulk

Reduce Redirects & Fix Broken Links
A website page’s speed time is based on the quantity and dimension of all the belongings that need to load in order to be noticeable on the web-page. If a homepage contains a huge image gallery with 40 images, it will take longer. Here are a few easy steps to shrink the amount of belongings a page needs to load.

Remove useless image assets or use text and CSS background colours where probable.

Remove Map Embeds and replace with a small image or map link. Map quire a huge amount of page load resources.

  1. Reduce the number of plugins

Plugins can do a lot to get better your WordPress website. You can use them to insert custom site functionality, clean up your code, develop user experience, and more.

  1. Let Us Help

Looking for website page speed optimisation help from the experts? All of our speed optimisation is handled by our developers to ensure that you understand the meaning on your speed performance scores, and the right optimisation techniques are applied.


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